Mission and Purposes

Union of the Law Scientists is engaged in the following activities:

  • Facilitates and Coordinates scientific reasearch activities in the field of law;
  • Carries out scientific research and expert activities;
  • Promotes Scientific researches noteworthy and outstanding;
  • Draws up legislative proposals;
  • Participates in the disscussion of legislative amendments;
  • Organizes legal assesment and expertise of draft laws and legal acts and draws up conclusions;
  • Arranges Scientific conferences and discussions;
  • Issues hard copy and soft copy publications of scientific-practical periodicals and other literature;
  • Arranges public lectures, senimars and trainings;
  • Endeavours to form and develop library networks equipped with legal writings;
  • Undertakes dissertions and thesis database formation in the filed of law;
  • Forms structural units of the Union;
  • Forms commissions and scientific councils;
  • Initiates and assigns titles, grants awards, premiums to instigate outstanding scientific achievements and for contriutions to law science and legal education development accomplished heretofore;
  • Establishes and coordinates communication with scientists, scientific educational and professional organizations within and beyond Georgia;
  • Cooperates with local and international organizations.