Introduction of the journal “Herald of Law”

Event introducing the international scientific journal “Herald of Law” will be held on October 21, 2020, at 12:00 p.m. The event is organized by Union of Legal Scientists and  will take place on online platform Zoom, remotely.

The event will be attended by the representatives of scholarly organizations, universities, judiciary system, governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as distinguished representatives of the scholarly circles.



12 00 – 1215  

Welcome speech, introduction of the journal – Zurab Chkonia, chairman of the Union of Legal Scientists, editor in chief of the journal

12 15 – 1220   

Opening remarks – Professor  Ketevan Mchedlishvili-Hedrich, member of Union of Legal Scientists, member of the editorial board of the journal

Introduction of the articles published in the first issue of the “Herald of Law”:

12 20 – 12 25  

Mariam Gaiparashvili –  Wrongful Birth and Wrongful Life cases from a Human Rights Perspective

12 25 12 30  

Tamar Makharoblidze Controversial Issues of Imposing House Arrest in Juvenile Justice

12 30 12 35  

Elene KavtuashviliPriority of the Best Interests in Juvenile Justice Procedure

12 35 12 40

Giorgi GamkhitashviliOn Matters of Distinguishing Joint Principal from Accomlice in a Crime

12 40 12 45  

Bakur Liluashvili Protection of Intellectual Property Rights under the Private International Law of Georgia

12 45 12 50  

Sophio Demetrashvili, Nato GugavaCurrent Reform of the Electoral System in Georgia

12 50 12 55  

Ilia Khutsishvili –  Problematic Aspects of Differentiating Operative-Investigatory Activities and Covert Investigative Actions

12 55 13 15 Additional remarks – invited guests;

13 15  – Closing of the event